Below are the tools I can personally recommend because after having tried other tools, these worked the best for me. It has take me a lot of time to research these tools and resources. I have chosen these tools because they offer the best combination of both value and pricing.

I must let you know that if you click on any of the links below (blue text), go to their website, and decide to sign up, I will get a small affiliate commission. This is at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. These companies have affiliate programs set in place in effort to boost their sales by rewarding those who bring them more business. This is one of the ways bloggers, podcasters, & YouTubers can earn money (including you). This help us to continue to provide valueable content, helping people reach more people with their message. 

Affiliate commissions are made possible through cookies and affiliate tracking technology. Note that a sale doesn’t have to be made immediatly, it can be up to 30 days later, as long as you don’t delete your browser’s cookies. If you want the affiliate to get the credit, it is important to go through their link and not just type it yourself in the url bar.

Without further ado…


Webhosting and WordPress

Inmotion Hosting (webhost) 

I have been using Inmotion Hosting for many years now. When I shopped around and try to find a better web host, I couldn’t. They offer as many features as anybody else for a better price than almost anybody else. Furthermore, they have the best customer service I’ve ever experienced.

Whatever problem I’ve ever had I could chat with somebody at any time and not have to wait more than a few minutes. One of Inmotion Hosting’s best features is FREE site backup.  They will automatically backup your site every 3 days or so. Many webhosts do not offer this which makes an an extra burden for you to have to deal with. Keeping your site backed up is important. They also offer free migration from another webhost, another thing many webhost providers don’t offer. I highly recommend Inmotion Hosting.

Elegant Divi (WordPress Theme + Visual Page Builder)

This website was built using the Elegant Divi theme. The Elegant Divi theme & visual page builder is about the best you can find for the price. For just $89 you can buy a one-year license or for $249 you can buy a lifetime license. What you get is an amazing visual page builder and an amazing WordPress theme. I have used many WordPress themes and visual builders and Eleganat Divi is by far my favorite. They offer amazing value for a small price. They are constantly making upgrades and improvements which is amazing because it’s already good.


E-mail Marketing


Mailer Lite is an excellent choice for those just starting out in email marketing. It is completely FREE for up to 1000 subscribers.  Some of it’s unique features that seperates it from the rest include a true visual automation builder, very nice landing pages,  and optin form builders. Finding an email marketing service with ready made landing pages (that are nice) is not easy.

For free this is about as good as it gets.

Active Campaign 

Active campaign is a better email marketing service provider if you are serious about taking your email marketing to the next level, especially if you have products and services you plan to sell.

Two of my favorite features with Active Campaign include their tagging feature and their visual automation builder.  Tagging is very powerful and gives you a lot more control and abilities when it comes to email marketing.

They  have many ready-made  automations that  have been built by successful email marketers.  These ready made automations are included in your plan. You can start using these for your own email automations instantly. If you want more advanced automations and features, Active Campaign is a great choice.




When it comes task management, Nozbe is as good as it gets.  They have a free plan which can be enough. Their Google Calendar integrations are the by far the best. I have tried many task managers and most of them just won’t sync with my Google Calendar.


Trello is perhaps the most used project manager software. It is easy to use. It’s great for team collaboration but I also use for my own personal use. It is based on the Kanan Board system. It is very visual and easy to use.


Evernote is the most advanced note-taking app available. Whatever you do concerning note-taking, Evernote can do it.

  • Tag your notes with a relevant keyword. There is no limit to the number of tags you can have and you can view all your tags with a “birds eye view”
  • Search all your notes by title, body text, tags, and notebook titles
  • Note sharing: Open a note, click on “Share URL”, then copy the link. An instant web page is created that you can share with your friends.
  • Email into Evernote: Send notes directly to your Evernote inbox from your email
  • Web Clipper: Install a plugin into your browser and save web pages easily.
  • Record audio clips and add them to a note
  • Search words inside images
  • Add attachments including Word document, Excel sheet, Pictures, and PDF’s


Workflowy is an amazing outlining tool that is totally free.  I use it to plan books, website, and even entire businessess. Being able to create outlines quickly and easily is very valuable. My only regret is I didn’t start using it earlier.

With the free account you get 250 “items” per month free (bullet points etc). You can get more items by either  referring a friend which give you 250 more items more per month or purchasing unlimited at $5month.


Audible is an Amazon company that host and sells audiobooks. They are largest with thousands of audiobooks available. I have been using Audible for more than 5 years with dozens of audibooks in my library. Every month you get 1 credit towards which will allow 1 allow audibook. They offer the first 2 months free for new customers.


Media Hosting


Teachable is a platform which enables course creators to both host and sell their videos online. Teachable is one of the largest learning management systems (LMS). I did much research deciding which LMS to go with and ultimately I chose Teachable. I feel it has the best combination of features, pricing, and support. Some of the particular features that stand out to me are it’s free plan, unlimited everything, affiliate program, and support. The free plan makes it possible to start selling courses with no monthly fees. The pricing model is simple. When you sale a course, they take 10% + 2,9% Paypal transaction fee. Higher plans mean monthly payments but paying lower commissions (ex. $39mo/5%).

The affiliate program is also a nice feature because this makes it makes possible to reward others who share about your course. This makes it more likely they will share and more likely you course sales will increase. It’s win win. Finally Teachable has amazing support, webinars, video tutorials, knowledge base etc. will be where all of Great Start Solutions courses will be hosted.


As a PC/Android user, I have grown to like Podbean as my preferred source for listening to podcasts. I have been using Podbean for many years and have found it be particulary a great phone app. I currently don’t have a podcast on Podbean but it is in the plans and Podbean will be my choice for Podcast hosts. is another good choice, particulary for churches and ministries. You wont get the kind of exposure like you will with Podbean, but you also won’t have to pay anything as it is free for churches and ministries. If you are operating a church or ministry, and especially on a low budget, is an excellent choice. I have podcasts/sermons hosted on and have found it be overall a good experience.

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