You could have two different blogs talking about the exact same thing but prefer one over the other. Let’s say that in both cases the content itself is equal in terms of quality and relevancy. The reality is that whatever subject you want to write and/or speak about, somebody else already has a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel talking about the same thing.  

So how can you make your blog post, podcast, or YouTube video different from everybody else’s? Even when talking about the same thing, how can you in someway be different? Below are 7 ways you make your content different from the rest and stand out.

Vocabulary and Style

A 70 year old Harvard university professor and an 18 year old high school graduate will most likely explain something such as the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in two different ways. Let’s assume they are both Christians and they both cover the same points. Even if this is the case, the words they use will most likely be different. The 18 year old is more likely to use more simpler terms, words that his friends would better understand – even slang perhaps. The university professor is more likely to use words that would be better suited for more academic, professional listeners. They are talking about the same thing, but in a completely different way. Same message, different methods.


There can be others talking about the same thing but if they only talk about that thing ONCE A MONTH then readers/listeners may look to another source on that topic. They could have better content than you but just by being more active and putting content out more frequently, you can stand out.


You can review books, websites, software, productivity tools, phone apps, movies, games, & TV shows (just to name a few). If you have recently been to a conference you can write a review of your experience from the conference, seminar etc. You can review a specific podcast episode you listened to or a YouTube video you watched. With a personal brand it’s OK to mix in some personal stuff too, like your experience eating in a new restaurant in town or something. Some people making unboxing videos of themselves opening a product.


Other bloggers, podcasters, & YouTubers can talk about the same thing but by having a more interesting title, it can get people’s attention more. It is worth studying and researching about what makes a good blog title (and also an email subject line).

Mentioning God

You are asking yourself if you are reading that correctly…that if you mention God in your content you will stand out? Well the answer is YES! Over the years I have come across good secular sources that have great content. They cover their subject very well and I have benefited greatly from their blogs, podcasts, & YouTube videos. But something happened that caused me to switch to another source of information and inspiration.

What was it? It was simply the fact that the new source(s) are open about their Christian faith. Their content is just as good, but with them I can get two for one – I get education AND spiritual motivation! While I am learning how to write a better email subject line, I can also be encouraged in my Christian faith.

You can stand out from others by simply being open about your faith, something that many content creators are too scared to do. They are afraid of losing customers not knowing that in fact they could actually gain more by being open about their faith in God.

                              (The next two are specifically for bloggers)

Screenshots, Infographics, and Photos

Most blogs do not have screenshots but screenshots are a nice way to give people a visualization of what you are talking about. Nearly anything you are talking about, there can be a either a SCREENSHOT, INFOGRAPHIC, or PHOTO to give people a visual. Most people’s primary method of learning is visual.

Font Size, Paragraph Length, and Formatting

I can’t tell you how many blogs I have read where the poor formatting was getting in the way of the great content. Either the paragraphs were way too long or the font size was too small. The blogs I like to read have a font size of 16pt or larger. Nowadays people have much bigger computers monitors than they use to. When it comes to paragraph length, you see more and more successful bloggers writing shorter paragraphs.

People have become accustomed to quick thoughts, so it’s good not to have paragraphs more than about 4 or 5 lines long. With formatting, its good to have the blog posts broken up into several parts with the subheadings bolded (like this blog is).

By improving the formatting and making the blog post more appealing, you can make your blog stand out.

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